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Collections of archaeology of Gran Canaria


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Inventory: 29.915
Object: Hook Ge
neric classification: Bone IndustryMa
teria: BoneDi
mensions: Length, 4.6 cm.; width max., 1.6 cm.
Cultural context: Prehistory of Gran CanariaD
escription: Curved hook with paddle and no beard. It has oblique stretch marks on the stem or leg and polished on the curve along its l
ower face. Use/function: Working instrument for fishing. The funds of The Canary Museum are home to three curved hooks that, according to some researchers, may have foreign influences. For their part, ethnohistorical sources insist that these tools were manufactured on goat horns in addition to mentioning also, for Gran Canaria, other fishing modal
ities. Origin: Cendro, T. M. de Telde, Gran Ca
naria.Context: Village of artificial room caves and stone houses associated with a necropolis in artificial caves
. Find: Found on April 3, 1983 during the archaeological excavation carried out by El Museo Canario at the site of Cendro (sector A; A-2). It was directed by Julio Cuenca Sanabr
ia.Form of income: Deposi
tSource of income:
J. Cuenca Sanabria, curator of The Canary Museum between 1981 and 19
97.Date of entry: 1983

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